1953 Supercharged Corvette

This is one of two six-cylinder 1953 Corvettes built by McCulloch Motors with superchargers for GM’s evaluation of its potential against the competing Ford Thunderbird. This 1953 Corvette is VIN E53F 001 024 and it became the first supercharged Corvette in the world.

The supercharger concept was proposed to GM as a possible factory option by McCulloch but it was not implemented and the supercharger was never found its way into production. The McCulloch supercharger system raised the output of the Blue Flame inline six cylinder by 35%, this lowered its 0-60 times from 12 seconds to 9 seconds.

This is car number 24 of the 300 Corvette’s that were built at GM’s Flint Michigan Plant in 1953. The serial numbers ranged from E53F001001 – E53F001300. All of the Corvette’s built during the first year of production were Polo white with red interiors and black convertible tops. The 1953 Corvette had a curb weight of 2,886 lbs with a 102” wheel base.

The 1953 number 24 Corvette now resides in the Lingenfelter Collection in Brighton Michigan – Dec 2010