1955 Chevrolet E-Rod Pickup

This week’s featured car from the collection is the E-ROD ’55 Chevy that debuted at the 2009 SEMA Show.  The E-Rod ’55 was a project that would blend modern driveability & efficiency with classic looks.  The truck was built on the chassis of a late-model Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS & powered by the 5.3 L E-Rod crate engine from GM Performance.

Dave Ross, the GM designer who conceptualized the E-ROD ’55 Chevy  said “A couple of years ago, you never would have used the words ‘environmentally conscious’ and ‘hot rod’ in the same sentence, but that was before E-ROD,”  “This truck is perfect for cruising in style and it doesn’t sacrifice any of the great driveability traits people are used to in modern vehicles. It also has the emissions efficiency of a modern vehicle.”

The Dynacorn body comes with a unique vehicle identification number, qualifying it to be considered a “special-construction” vehicle, depending upon state and local requirements for registration. GMPP engineers are working with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to develop a process to have E-ROD systems, including the E-ROD 5.3L, approved for specially constructed vehicles in California. For these aftermarket applications, GMPP expects a California Executive Order for the E-ROD 5.3L will be forthcoming in early 2011. That would allow the engine system to be installed in original, older vehicles, with vehicle identification numbers earlier than 1996.