The Lingenfelter Collection – A BangShifty First Look Into One Of America’s Great Assemblages Of Horsepower And Beauty – April 16, 2014 BangShift.Com

(Photos by Dave Nutting) – The door opened, the lights came on, and the three of us nearly swooned like Victorian era women on a fainting couch at the sight of what lay before us. Three huge rooms filled with a literal automotive Library of Congress. The machines range from the most modern hyper cars to the most BangShifty and eclectic 1970s Detroit iron that only real car guys actually love. Before we go any further, Ken Lingenfelter is a real car guy. He’s a highly successful man who has the means to procure the cars that he likes and he’s done that on a level few other people ever have. He knows each and every car’s ins and outs, every one of them has a story, and he told us multiple times that the theme of the collection is basically cars that he finds interesting. That’s why you’ll see some total freaks in here and that’s why this place was so incredible to crawl all over for a full day.

We shot hundreds and hundreds of photos inside the Lingenfelter Collection and picked a bunch of cars for individual featurettes. Those cars range from the brutally fast, the stunningly beautiful, and the seemingly bizarre. This is the first peek into the collection to get your salivary glands rolling and to get you in the mood for what is to come. Dave Nutting shot these photos and soon you’ll see photos from Craig Fitzgerald and I in the coming days.

More importantly, on April 26th, YOU can walk through the Lingenfelter Collection because Ken is throwing the doors open for the yearly open house at the Brighton, Michigan location where the cars are housed. The full press release for the open house is located below the photo. Read it, take the information down and get yourself to Michigan on the 26th because by the time we are done showing you around the place you are going to be dying to see it for yourself!

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